How to create a fun photography experience for your family

Here are a few tips to create a fun and relaxed environment for your family photo session.

Manage expectations

First, be sure your family, and your kids know what to expect. At our sessions you can expect about an hour of exploring and fun. We will direct adults and kids, but not be too specific. Your kids may want to know that it won’t be too long, that it will be fun, and they will have a chance to play and be silly. Your family will feel better prepared if they know what to expect.

two boys exploring at the water's edge with light filled trees behind at the arboretum in seattle

Keep it chill

Second, keep it chill! If you are anxious or stressed, your family will pick up on your mood. Give yourself a bit of self care to prepare for your session, and be prepared to be relaxed! Your family will appreciate it. If your kids aren’t feeling super smiley, that’s OK! You can still be chill. Let me direct the kiddos, and you get to just be relaxed.

family of five sitting on a blanket in a green park laughing

Don’t expect perfection

And third and most importantly, your family will have the most fun if you aren’t expecting everyone to be perfect. We enjoy documenting the real part of family life, so a bit of exploring, a bit of running and jumping is great. We encourage it. And, if things aren’t going as you had planned, just trust your photographer to do the best in the situation. Some of the best and most meaningful photos come from when your kids are being a little energetic!

energetic girl running with dad and brother in the background

As always, if you have any questions please reach out! I’m more than happy to help you prepare for your session.

XOXO Tricia

Are you worried about having an in-home family photo session?

Have you chosen to invest in an in-home photo session? Whether it be for your family, your newborn, or couples session, you may be wondering about having your session at home. No worries, everyone has questions about this. Here are a few pointers below to help put you at ease.

Don’t worry about the mess (what mess?)

OK, so is your home a bit messy? A lot messy? I’m telling you right now you don’t need to have a perfectly clean home. Do you have young kids or a new baby? Well, cleaning your home is not your priority right now. A lived in home will be a great part of your photos. And, documenting your home is important like documenting your family. It doesn’t need to be perfect, that’s not the point. So go ahead and don’t worry about excessive cleaning. It’s not the point.

new baby looking at camera being held in hands with a toddler sister approaching in the background

We will document the connection and the love

Your home provides a great place to photograph. But, the main focus is your connection. So go ahead and be ready to love on your family, and try to not be anxious about your home. Anxiety can make your session not as fun, and we are after real fun and connection.

mom smiling at baby on bed with dad looking from behind

Your home is the loving setting, not the main focus

Your love and connection is the focus of our time together. And no matter what the backdrop, your love is the most important thing. So, relax into your favorite place to sit, and snuggle that babe. The photos in your home are going to turn out great!

dad in chair snuggling a newborn baby

Please be in touch and ask questions if you have any! I’m happy to help with your preparations.

What to expect from your kids at a family photo session

Hooray! So, you’ve booked or are thinking of booking a family photo session. Are you wondering what will be expected of your kids? What if they don’t “behave”? Well, I have good news. We expect very little “good” behavior from your kids. Kids are allowed to be kids, and that is part of the magic of a lifestyle session. Here are three things to keep in mind.

Don’t expect perfect behavior

Your kids are kids. We expect them to have lots of their own personality. That’s part of why we take photos. So your little one is a bit shy, or a bit energetic, or a bit curious? Perfect. We encourage that. We aren’t looking for perfect smiles at the camera. We are after real life emotion and connection.

two boys jumping with an umbrella at the arboretum in seattle

A little chaos is OK

So, were after real life emotions and connection, right? Perfect. That means a little real life chaos is just fine with me. Actually, I enjoy it! Kids in motion is one of the most beautiful things to watch and photograph. The pics where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera won’t likely be your favorite. It may be the one where everyone is jumping around and being a bit crazy.

family swinging a girl in the air in seattle

Offer a reward for being a good helper

There is no shame in a little reward for a job well done. Perhaps a hot cocoa or a special treat after our session is called for?

Mom with three boys sitting on a log and hugging with lake washington in the background

So, just remember, set your expectations low! Then, they are easy to meet ;)

XOXO Tricia

What to wear to your family photo session?

Hooray! You’re going to do family photos. Most families ask about what to wear. Don’t worry, it’s no too complicated. Here are three simple guidelines to have you looking great!

Most importantly, be comfortable!

Choose clothes that you are comfortable in, and that match your style. There is no reason to get dressed up if that’s not your thing. You will be happy, and your family will be happy in comfortable clothes.

seattle family of five hugging in a park with fall leaves

You don’t need to match

Gone are the days of matching outfits! It’s fun to mix up colors and patterns. Just avoid neon colors and loud patterns or logos. Then you can all look good together without matching.

seattle family of four in park in front of green trees

Choose neutrals with an accent

You can have fun with a pop of color! You may choose to dress mostly in neutrals, like blues, browns, and grays, and then add a fun color! What color do you love? Orange? Red? Purple? Go ahead and add some of your favorite color!

big family hug at the olympic sculpture park in seattle photography

Have fun choosing your outfit! Let this planning part of your session be fun. Do it ahead of time, and if you want… let it be a treat! Buy yourself something you love.

How to prepare your home for an in-home photo session

Don’t stress out!

First, and most importantly, don’t stress out. The whole idea of doing a session in your home is to capture your home, and the heart of your family. Keep to your regular routine, and try to not worry if your home is not perfect.

two dads snuggling a newborn with a bottle

Your home does not have to be clean!

Your home does not need to be perfectly clean! Please don’t let cleaning your home be a stressful part of your preparation. It’s much more important for you and your family to be ready and relaxed than to have a sparkling clean home.

girls on a chair looking at mother holding a baby with toys in the foreground

Remember that it’s about the connection, not the cleanliness of your home

Your photos are about the connection with your family, your home will only provide the location. The location is important, but it’s not what your photos are about. Please go easy on yourself. I’d rather you have a messy home and be relaxed than a clean home and be stressed out!

family snuggling on bed with toddler and new baby

How to prepare for an in-home photo session

Here are three simple things you can do to prepare for an in-home photo session. These three things help to keep things simple on the day of the session, and make for a more relaxed and fun time!

Have outfits chosen the night before

Be sure to choose your clothes before the day of your session. Have your clothes ready, and put them on just before your session. For kids, save the clothes for after play time and meals. For babies and toddlers, consider having a back up outfit!

Dad and baby close up snuggle

Get a good night’s sleep

Be sure to get to bed on time the night before. Try to avoid special events or activities that will make it hard for you and your family to get to bed. Keep it simple!

family of 4 snuggling on couch with a toddler and newborn

Stick to your regular schedule

Try to keep it simple! Don’t change your daily routine. This will help kids feel relaxed and ready to have photos and have fun.

boy and mom snuggling next to window

Why your home is the perfect place for a photography session

Your home is the heart of your family

Do you have photos of your childhood home? If so, I bet they are some of your favorite. Home is where we spend most of our time, and it’s an often overlooked shoot location. Your home (clean or not - no pressure!) is an important part of your life, and can make for meaningful photos.

two girls in colorful dresses sitting on a bed

We tend to photograph special events and not the every day

Having a photo session at your home is often an overlooked location. We tend to photograph at special events and beautiful locations. But, photos taken in your home will take on special meaning. As your home changes over the years it’s nice to have a photo history of your home.

two girls in colorful dresses jumping on a bed

Your family home is the perfect location for family photos

There is no wrong time for photos, and your family home is always there. It will never get too rainy or cold! In Seattle, this is often a consideration. Our good weather only lasts half the year. Your home is the perfect year round location for meaningful photos.

parents sitting on a couch looking at a newborn baby wearing a purple headband

Why I don’t pose newborns

Is a lifestyle newborn session right for you?

You may be wondering what type of newborn session is right for your family. A lifestyle session is a session that has a bit of direction in posing, but not too much. Babies are not posed in my newborn sessions, and here is why it may be the right type of session for you.

sleeping baby in blanket with hands crossed

Babies are beautiful in their natural state

Babies are beautiful in their natural state. You may not realize it, especially if it’s your first child, but those cute little poses are very fleeting. Your babies are going to stretch out and grow so fast. Capturing the natural poses your baby feels comfortable in is a great way to document your child’s first days.

baby stretched out in antique wood crib

Babies are prefect just the way they are

Babies do not need props to be beautiful. In fact, a natural baby will make for a much more timeless photo that your family can display and enjoy for many years. Babies look best in your arms, or being fed or being loved! Extra props may distract from your baby’s natural and timeless beauty.

mother holding sleeping baby in black and white

They show their own personality, are they stretched out, curled up, grinning?

How does your baby sleep? Curled up? Stretched out? Do you want to remember how your baby sleeps, or eats, or snuggles? Your baby’s personality will shine in photos that are not posed.

dad seated and snuggling newborn baby in black and white

Should you do an in-home newborn session?

All about in-home newborn sessions

Hi Friends, do you wonder what is an in-home newborn session, and if it’s right for you and your family? If you’re expecting a new addition to the family, or have a new baby you are probably wondering!

So, should you do a session?

The answer is YES! Yes, if you are interested in documenting the authentic connection and love during the first part of your child’s life in a relaxed and familiar setting.

An in-home newborn session documents the first few months of life of your new baby at your home

Your home is the heart of your family! It’s where your new babe will spend most of their first months on this earth. Photos of your babe at home are a beautiful way to document the first month of life, and will have special meaning.


Babies grow fast, there is no wrong time to schedule a session

Whether your baby is brand new, or nearly a toddler, they are changing fast! Your child grows and learns every day, and in just a few weeks or months will be different and bigger. This means there is no wrong time to schedule a session! It’s important to document your family at all stages.


Lifestyle sessions are focused on connection, not special poses

My sessions are focused on connection. I believe your baby looks better in your arms than in a special pose. This focuses on the beautiful connection and love you are experiencing! This also means that there is no “wrong” way for a baby to behave. Awake the whole time? Great! Needs to nurse or have a bottle? Perfect, we document the connection in everyday situations.