How to create a fun photography experience for your family

Here are a few tips to create a fun and relaxed environment for your family photo session.

Manage expectations

First, be sure your family, and your kids know what to expect. At our sessions you can expect about an hour of exploring and fun. We will direct adults and kids, but not be too specific. Your kids may want to know that it won’t be too long, that it will be fun, and they will have a chance to play and be silly. Your family will feel better prepared if they know what to expect.

two boys exploring at the water's edge with light filled trees behind at the arboretum in seattle

Keep it chill

Second, keep it chill! If you are anxious or stressed, your family will pick up on your mood. Give yourself a bit of self care to prepare for your session, and be prepared to be relaxed! Your family will appreciate it. If your kids aren’t feeling super smiley, that’s OK! You can still be chill. Let me direct the kiddos, and you get to just be relaxed.

family of five sitting on a blanket in a green park laughing

Don’t expect perfection

And third and most importantly, your family will have the most fun if you aren’t expecting everyone to be perfect. We enjoy documenting the real part of family life, so a bit of exploring, a bit of running and jumping is great. We encourage it. And, if things aren’t going as you had planned, just trust your photographer to do the best in the situation. Some of the best and most meaningful photos come from when your kids are being a little energetic!

energetic girl running with dad and brother in the background

As always, if you have any questions please reach out! I’m more than happy to help you prepare for your session.

XOXO Tricia