Are you worried about having an in-home family photo session?

Have you chosen to invest in an in-home photo session? Whether it be for your family, your newborn, or couples session, you may be wondering about having your session at home. No worries, everyone has questions about this. Here are a few pointers below to help put you at ease.

Don’t worry about the mess (what mess?)

OK, so is your home a bit messy? A lot messy? I’m telling you right now you don’t need to have a perfectly clean home. Do you have young kids or a new baby? Well, cleaning your home is not your priority right now. A lived in home will be a great part of your photos. And, documenting your home is important like documenting your family. It doesn’t need to be perfect, that’s not the point. So go ahead and don’t worry about excessive cleaning. It’s not the point.

new baby looking at camera being held in hands with a toddler sister approaching in the background

We will document the connection and the love

Your home provides a great place to photograph. But, the main focus is your connection. So go ahead and be ready to love on your family, and try to not be anxious about your home. Anxiety can make your session not as fun, and we are after real fun and connection.

mom smiling at baby on bed with dad looking from behind

Your home is the loving setting, not the main focus

Your love and connection is the focus of our time together. And no matter what the backdrop, your love is the most important thing. So, relax into your favorite place to sit, and snuggle that babe. The photos in your home are going to turn out great!

dad in chair snuggling a newborn baby

Please be in touch and ask questions if you have any! I’m happy to help with your preparations.