What to expect from your kids at a family photo session

Hooray! So, you’ve booked or are thinking of booking a family photo session. Are you wondering what will be expected of your kids? What if they don’t “behave”? Well, I have good news. We expect very little “good” behavior from your kids. Kids are allowed to be kids, and that is part of the magic of a lifestyle session. Here are three things to keep in mind.

Don’t expect perfect behavior

Your kids are kids. We expect them to have lots of their own personality. That’s part of why we take photos. So your little one is a bit shy, or a bit energetic, or a bit curious? Perfect. We encourage that. We aren’t looking for perfect smiles at the camera. We are after real life emotion and connection.

two boys jumping with an umbrella at the arboretum in seattle

A little chaos is OK

So, were after real life emotions and connection, right? Perfect. That means a little real life chaos is just fine with me. Actually, I enjoy it! Kids in motion is one of the most beautiful things to watch and photograph. The pics where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera won’t likely be your favorite. It may be the one where everyone is jumping around and being a bit crazy.

family swinging a girl in the air in seattle

Offer a reward for being a good helper

There is no shame in a little reward for a job well done. Perhaps a hot cocoa or a special treat after our session is called for?

Mom with three boys sitting on a log and hugging with lake washington in the background

So, just remember, set your expectations low! Then, they are easy to meet ;)

XOXO Tricia