Why your home is the perfect place for a photography session

Your home is the heart of your family

Do you have photos of your childhood home? If so, I bet they are some of your favorite. Home is where we spend most of our time, and it’s an often overlooked shoot location. Your home (clean or not - no pressure!) is an important part of your life, and can make for meaningful photos.

two girls in colorful dresses sitting on a bed

We tend to photograph special events and not the every day

Having a photo session at your home is often an overlooked location. We tend to photograph at special events and beautiful locations. But, photos taken in your home will take on special meaning. As your home changes over the years it’s nice to have a photo history of your home.

two girls in colorful dresses jumping on a bed

Your family home is the perfect location for family photos

There is no wrong time for photos, and your family home is always there. It will never get too rainy or cold! In Seattle, this is often a consideration. Our good weather only lasts half the year. Your home is the perfect year round location for meaningful photos.

parents sitting on a couch looking at a newborn baby wearing a purple headband