How to prepare your home for an in-home photo session

Don’t stress out!

First, and most importantly, don’t stress out. The whole idea of doing a session in your home is to capture your home, and the heart of your family. Keep to your regular routine, and try to not worry if your home is not perfect.

two dads snuggling a newborn with a bottle

Your home does not have to be clean!

Your home does not need to be perfectly clean! Please don’t let cleaning your home be a stressful part of your preparation. It’s much more important for you and your family to be ready and relaxed than to have a sparkling clean home.

girls on a chair looking at mother holding a baby with toys in the foreground

Remember that it’s about the connection, not the cleanliness of your home

Your photos are about the connection with your family, your home will only provide the location. The location is important, but it’s not what your photos are about. Please go easy on yourself. I’d rather you have a messy home and be relaxed than a clean home and be stressed out!

family snuggling on bed with toddler and new baby