Why I don’t pose newborns

Is a lifestyle newborn session right for you?

You may be wondering what type of newborn session is right for your family. A lifestyle session is a session that has a bit of direction in posing, but not too much. Babies are not posed in my newborn sessions, and here is why it may be the right type of session for you.

sleeping baby in blanket with hands crossed

Babies are beautiful in their natural state

Babies are beautiful in their natural state. You may not realize it, especially if it’s your first child, but those cute little poses are very fleeting. Your babies are going to stretch out and grow so fast. Capturing the natural poses your baby feels comfortable in is a great way to document your child’s first days.

baby stretched out in antique wood crib

Babies are prefect just the way they are

Babies do not need props to be beautiful. In fact, a natural baby will make for a much more timeless photo that your family can display and enjoy for many years. Babies look best in your arms, or being fed or being loved! Extra props may distract from your baby’s natural and timeless beauty.

mother holding sleeping baby in black and white

They show their own personality, are they stretched out, curled up, grinning?

How does your baby sleep? Curled up? Stretched out? Do you want to remember how your baby sleeps, or eats, or snuggles? Your baby’s personality will shine in photos that are not posed.

dad seated and snuggling newborn baby in black and white