Should you do an in-home newborn session?

All about in-home newborn sessions

Hi Friends, do you wonder what is an in-home newborn session, and if it’s right for you and your family? If you’re expecting a new addition to the family, or have a new baby you are probably wondering!

So, should you do a session?

The answer is YES! Yes, if you are interested in documenting the authentic connection and love during the first part of your child’s life in a relaxed and familiar setting.

An in-home newborn session documents the first few months of life of your new baby at your home

Your home is the heart of your family! It’s where your new babe will spend most of their first months on this earth. Photos of your babe at home are a beautiful way to document the first month of life, and will have special meaning.


Babies grow fast, there is no wrong time to schedule a session

Whether your baby is brand new, or nearly a toddler, they are changing fast! Your child grows and learns every day, and in just a few weeks or months will be different and bigger. This means there is no wrong time to schedule a session! It’s important to document your family at all stages.


Lifestyle sessions are focused on connection, not special poses

My sessions are focused on connection. I believe your baby looks better in your arms than in a special pose. This focuses on the beautiful connection and love you are experiencing! This also means that there is no “wrong” way for a baby to behave. Awake the whole time? Great! Needs to nurse or have a bottle? Perfect, we document the connection in everyday situations.